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Edge Publisher



Edge Publisher is an application that automates your workflows for the verification, updating and publication
of your Solid Edge documents.



Edge Publisher



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Unite Assembly

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Getting start guide




Edge Publisher is managing the publication of your documents (electronic and paper) using projects.


Edge Publisher also takes care to keep your Solid Edge documents up to date with maintenance activities


The projects are represented as tabs in the interface.


A project can contain:





Group several projects under one Edge Publisher project.


A rapid interactive introduction to Edge Publisher





All operations carried out by Edge Publisher are grouped by activities. Each activity can be customized to meet your business needs.


The following activities are available:


Automatic update drafting and associated out-of date model links

Convert Files to all “ Save As â€ formats

Export Files to all “ Save As Image â€ formats.

Send drafting files to printers depending on sheet sizes

Export Sheet Metal flat pattern to DXF files

Check files for feature errors

Creating sequential or parallel activities

Publish to PDF documents